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Practice these scripts to learn how to convert more prospects to long-term members.

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Sales Scripts to Practice Your Membership Selling Skills

Turn Your Prospects Into Long-Term Members

These scripts will help you eliminate the most common objections you'll hear from prospects considering joining your Martial Arts School. With these techniques, you can help prospects get past their fears and stay motivated to keep coming back year after year.  

Practice these scripts with your staff to boost the selling power of your entire team!


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The Tools You Need to Succeed ... Powerful Software. Flexible Service. 


Take the Guesswork Out of Managing Your School

Scheduling, Billing and Business Management through myVolo Software

myVolo software is an all-in-one solution that gets your school running like clockwork with lead management, student check-in, point of sale, communication and more. 

Integrate myVolo with our billing platform to optimize cash flow, or bill students directly on your own. myVolo software will automatically process payments based on due dates through credit card and bank draft billing — ensuring no payments fall through the cracks.



Deliver Dependable, Recurring Cash Flow to Your School

Stop Chasing Payments with MSI Premium or Standard Servicing

Looking to maximize cash flow and profitability? Use our services to secure your income to set your mind at ease. 

We offer flexible options for member billing, servicing and payment processing. You simply choose the level of assistance you need for the administration of your membership agreements, delinquent accounts and chargebacks. 

We act as an extension of your business and when following up on payments, we treat your members as if they’re our own. Each member of our U.S.-based customer service team is committed to getting you paid on time!

Take Your Event Registrations & Payments Online — Instantly!

Simplify Your Sign-Up Process with Event Manager … No Merchant Account Needed

Do you want to increase profits from events like belt testings, birthday parties and tournaments? Wish you could fill your upcoming Summer camp? 
Event Manager is a start-to-finish solution for taking your event registrations, payments and marketing online.
  • Create custom online registration pages
  • Share your event on social media and your website
  • Send mass emails to targeted audiences
  • Accept sign-ups and payments 24/7